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Sadelmakaregatan 2
10600 Ekenäs

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Welcome to Kvarteret Sillen! Here in the heart of Ekenäs Old Town we invite you to share our historic buildings and sheltered garden. The main buildings date from the 1880s and have been recently renovated and refurbished. We are ideally situated overlooking the sea and within moments of the church and market square.
Ekenäs Old Town was constructed on an original plan consisting of buildings around central courtyards. The buildings housed the family and their animals and provided storage and washing areas, with the courtyard serving for cultivation and relaxation. Each such ‘kvarter’ (block) was named after a fish; our Sillen (herring) is neighbour to Hajen (shark), Mörten (roach) and Siken (whitefish) At Kvarteret Sillen the original arrangement of buildings remains and we enjoy a prime position by the sea. Three different households within the Barlow/Lukander family live in various buildings and we share storage as in the old days. Our bed and breakfast guests are accommodated in other sections of the renovated buildings and each guest apartment has its own terrace or garden within the central courtyard. The yard no longer houses a fish market, as it did in the 1940’s, but is instead planted to provide a lush oasis. Hidden away from passers-by, the garden is planted in the English style and includes a collection of David Austin old English roses.

It is also possible to enjoy Kvarteret Sillen as a customer of Barlow’s Old English Furniture, which sells a variety of old English (and other) furniture especially from the 19th and 20th centuries. Furniture can be viewed by arrangement at Kvarteret Sillen.

Kvarteret Sillen is a family business on a small scale. We hope our guests will enjoy the personal touch that we can provide. Please contact us with any queries or special requirements.